Kaleidoscope Dream

I chose the ones unique,

purple, crystal white, and tie dye orange.

The sun is exploding, fossils engraved

in crackled Earth—

a spinal cord of lights

dress up the Indigo sky

floating in the middle of an ocean

of its intimidation

the warm wind tickles my neck,

watermelon, sweat, then nausea—

Here we go!

A wooden table suddenly sinks

beneath sand

and then we levitate—

Interweaving our eyes in between

diamonds, hexagons, and squares,

the snowflake glistens as the ice

kisses the sun,

a lotus flower

beating, pulsing with open arms

that expand the highway of our

wondrous perceptions—

Insomnia, 48 hours, exploration, and


last minute advantage.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?


photographs, Martian land, Egyptian

6 am sunrise on my cheeks,

overheat, misty water, and

The Dark Side of The Moon

at our departure,

fossils I took with me.

-Sandra Fernandez


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