To all creative minds & souls


Have you heard of this cool new sustainable publication called Intercultural Press? 🙂 Well…let me give you the 4-1-1 *aheeeem

I created this press to provide a safe outlet/space for people to tell their stories that recognize, inspire, & strengthen diverse writers, artists, photographers, & readers from all over the world. The goal here is to uplift individual beauty, power, respect, encourage self expression in various mediums, & promote/encourage writing in multilingual & bilingual p.o.v’s.

I will publish ranges of works involving topics of intersectionality & focusing on the values of diversity, awareness, freedom of judgement, connection, self-care & love

The first printed issue will be a zine titled, “Identity & Self Definition”. The theme is identity, labels, & the societies that surround them. You can submit any form of mixed media art, photographs, spoken word, poetry, dialogue, &/or journal entries etc. concerning the above topics. Oh! & all issues will be printed on recycled paper ♻

DEADLINE is June 30th!💀 So don’t be shy & start submitting your work now to:

If you have any questions about the zine, please feel free to DM or email me on my personal email @🔸 🔸


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