This is inclusive for intercultural individuals (: deadline is approaching


Are you looking to get any of your creative work published for many eyes to see? Well consider submitting to this sustainable publication’s first issue, a zine titled “Identity & Self Definition”. The theme deals with the labels surrounding societies & the ways in which you identify with those labels or non-labels. It should cover art, photography, & writing that promotes culture, multilingualism, intersectionality (& feminisms). So…. if you’re thinking about being a part of a creative web that promotes sustainability & self expression, email your work to:


For more info go 🤘

P.S I’m hoping a lot of you will submit to this first issue I’m putting together. It will be displayed in cafés & in libraries/book stores around Los Angeles, CA. & possibly San Francisco & Santa Cruz as well. This is a great opportunity to share the art & literature stage as one essential creative community. Now let’s get started 🙂


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