3 more days left to submit

There are now 3 days left to submit your creative work to our third printed edition! The theme for this one is ENVIRONMENT 🌲 πŸ―πŸ—½β›©πŸ›£ we are considering mixed media art, creative writing (all kinds), and photography πŸ“·

We print on 100% recycled paper because we want to make a positive environmental impact on the planet while we’re hereπŸ’‘

We believe that trees are sacred and essential to our world 🌍 So we are helping lead a movement of sustainability and consciousness in the publication arena, while promoting self empowerment, multilingualism and intersectionality worldwide ❀

If you want to support us and/or contribute some of your work for our up and coming edition, please send us your work, mini bio, along with social links or sites you want us to print. Send it all to us @ interculturalpress2017@gmail.com πŸ€“πŸ“š Deadline is February 1st!

We can’t wait to see how rad this new zine turns out to be! πŸ’•


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