Here comes the sun πŸŒž

Guess what?! Summer is right around the corner and…WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR OUR ART AND LITERATURE GALLERIES! 🧑 We will be considering any form of creative writing, for example! Poetry, fiction, memoir, horror, sci-fi, non-fiction, spoken word, journaling, and more. As for art! We’ll be open to accepting any kind of mixed media like sketches, drawings, paintings, photography, videography, etc. πŸ–Ό Please send us your work via email @ πŸ’Œwith your first/last name, short bio, and links or portfolios. Deadline is July 1st so please tell a friend and a coworker about it! We are really excited to see what this fresh szn will bring when it comes to creativity πŸ’‘ So bring it! 😎 We’re looking forward to seeing what y’all submit!


Intercultural Press πŸ’


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