A sustainable book publication, Intercultural Press was conceived during early spring of 2017. It prints books on 100% recycled paper, and has online art and literature exhibitions every other month throughout the year.

Centered in Los Angeles, CA, this grassroots publication prints a range of works involving topics of intersectionality while focusing on values of diversity, awareness, freedom of judgement, connection, self-care and love ❤

Its purpose is to provide a safe public outlet/space/canvas for people to tell their stories that recognize, inspire, and strengthen diverse writers, artists, photographers, and readers like yourselves. The intention is to uplift individual beauty, power, respect, encourage self expression in various mediums, while promoting/supporting writing in multilingual points of views.

We need more art in our communities and in schools. The defunding of art programs in public school education has really effected the youth in negative ways here in the U.S. We need to always remember that art is a crucial form of education, of culture and of life. It’s a spectrum of ways to express your own perspective, whether through words, painting, singing, dancing, or sculpting.

The goal is to not just give people an outlet to vocalize and express the ways in which they feel, but to also strive for intercultural competence, resist kyriarchy/hate, and to stay connected as healthy creative communities should in this modern unstable country. Literature and Art is VERY important, especially during times like these.

Throughout Buddhist history, the arts have always been considered an important way to work with our emotions and share our human experience at the same time–our happiness and sadness, joys and sorrows. Our mind is naturally creative, although sometimes we block that creativity. When we train ourselves in one of the arts, we’re learning to apply a sense of discipline to our emotions; yet at the same time, we’re nurturing our creativity and intuitive wisdom

–dzogchen ponlop, Rebel Buddha

Intercultural Press accepts previously published work, which means neither I nor the press own your work in any way shape or form, and there is no fee requirement.*
Stay weird, creative, and inspired, never forget your dreams…make them a reality.

With peace,
Editor and Creator
Sandra Fernandez, Rebel Soul

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