First Day of Summer

Helloooo Summer Solstice! β›± And Happy Father’s Day πŸ’™ Submissions are still open for our new Literature and Art Galleries btw! We’ll be reviewing/considering creative writing like poetry, fiction, non-fiction, spoken word, journaling, and more. And we’ll be accepting any kind of mixed media like drawings, sketches, paintings, photography, videography, etc. Please send us yourContinue reading “First Day of Summer”

Here comes the sun πŸŒž

Guess what?! Summer is right around the corner and…WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR OUR ART AND LITERATURE GALLERIES! 🧑 We will be considering any form of creative writing, for example! Poetry, fiction, memoir, horror, sci-fi, non-fiction, spoken word, journaling, and more. As for art! We’ll be open to accepting any kind of mixed mediaContinue reading “Here comes the sun πŸŒž”

Spring Exhibitions 2021

Spring Exhibitions are now up on our website, so if you have time to spare-check ’em out! 🌸 This vibrant szn we’re featuring the works of artists Kavya Aswadhati and Gloria M. Almanza 🌷 Get to know them by their extraordinary work and self expression. Galleries will be up from April 6 through June 20thContinue reading “Spring Exhibitions 2021”

New Deadline 🌸

There is a new deadline for our new spring gallery submissions! March 31st at midnight! So please spread the wordΒ  again friends! Once again, we’ll be considering any mixed media forms of art like sketches, drawings, paintings, embroidery, photography, film etc., and any forms of creative writing like non-fiction, journaling, poetry, fiction, memoir and more!Continue reading “New Deadline 🌸”

✌🏽 More Days

Just two more days to submit your art and literature for our new online spring galleries! No specific theme, but we will be considering any mixed media forms of art and creative writing. So pleaseΒ  send your work to us @ πŸ’Œ with a mini bio, titles and dimensions, and links, portfolios, and/or projectsContinue reading “✌🏽 More Days”

Open to Submissions πŸŒ·

Guess what today is?! The first day of spring! 🌺🌻🌷🌼🌸 And we are now accepting submissions for our new online Art and Literature Galleries! There is no specific theme, but feel free to submit anything that relates to this new szn if you’d like. We will be considering any mixed media forms of art likeContinue reading “Open to Submissions πŸŒ·”

Winter Exhibitions

Guess what!? Winter Exhibitions are now on our website! β˜ƒοΈβ„ This cool season we’re featuring the works of artist Andrew Blackwelder, and writers Jessica Callender, Gloria M. Almanza, and Elisabeth C. Swim πŸ’™ Check out their amazing creative work on our website. Their work will be displayed from December 30th all the way through MarchContinue reading “Winter Exhibitions”

The Deadline Has Approached

Winter is here, and so is the deadline! β˜ƒοΈ Please submit any mixed media forms of art, photography, poetry, spoken word, fiction, and any other type of creative writing to our email @ πŸ’Œ by midnight tonight! Please provide us with the titles of your work, and any social media and website links thatContinue reading “The Deadline Has Approached”

One More Night!

One night till the deadline ❄ Send us any of your mixed media art, creative writing,Β  photography, and more for our 2020 Winter Art and Literature Exhibitions πŸ–Œ Email us your work and the titles @ with a short bio, and any social media links or websites you’d want us to publish in caseContinue reading “One More Night!”