Gloria M. Almanza

About The Writer/Artist

Instagram: flores.couture.l6

I am a writer based out of Pomona. I love to write current events happening and going on in Pomona, the I.E. and Los Angeles.

Some of the poetry what I have been working on lately is the topic of Mental Health. I see how the pandemic has affected my mental health, and the mental health of my fellow artists, poets, writers and creatives. Two of my pieces, Shadow Boxing and Faces of Phases speaks of depression and mental health.

Another current event that is having an impact on my work is the fact that there are undocumented children locked up at the Pomona Fairplex.  The city’s response? Set up a nonprofit and ask members of the community for donations. Not stop them from using the Pomona Fairplex. This is what influenced “Refugees”.

Finally, I pulled from my experience with Crystal Healings. I studied and am certified in Crystal Basics and Healing. During the pandemic, my mental health was negatively impacted. I went back to the meditations I wrote in 2007. I loved leading groups in guided meditations. “I Love Myself” is a meditation that has helped me heal myself from within.
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