Kelving Ortiz

How I would Love to write a poem, about the color of the sky.

The way the cool breeze feels,

Or how I keep the tears in my eyes.

About the Beauty,

About Bliss. About,

Something Magical that exists.

When all I could think of, is this;

The Emotion behind our Lips.

Te quiero decir, que te amo.

Desde la primera vez que yo te vi.

Queria conocerte,

Y por eso te sigue.

No estaba preocupado,

De donde vamos a llegar.

Porque siempre lo sentía,

Que tu serias mi hogar.

Pero tambien te deje ir,

Para que vives tu vida.

Siempre pensando en ti,

Mientras que yo vivía la mía.

Esperando para el momento perfecto, 

Para hacerte mia.

Esperando, para verte otra vez

Contarte Todas las cosas que yo aguanto,

Todo en mi corazón.

Viendo te levanta mi alma.

Imagino todo lo que podemos hacer.

Ausencia de ti me duele,

No pensaba dejarte sola,

Evitando un amor sincero.

Y cuando lo sientes, mi amor, vas a saber que

Yo siempre te voy a querer.

I am twenty One years of age this year and live in Pacoima, Los Angeles CA. Poetry is something that helps me cope with the internal struggles of my “negative” emotions, like self-doubt, depression, and anger. I see myself as an adventurer, so I have many stories to tell. Many people have complemented me, saying that I am a good storyteller. I learned how to be by reading and being involved with Luis J. Rodriguez, out in Sylmar, and going to open mics at Tia Chuchas. Getting involved, and becoming a part of the Young Warriors youth program since I was eighteen. Through my journey, I can say thanks to this cultural center, that i have become very spiritual and have fallen in love with the arts. Getting together with the Young Warriors of Tia Chuchas, my spirits have risen as we keep building our community and unite to be the change we want to see.

Instagram: @Snowstruelover

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