Marissa Lynn

Forever Spring Series: 14 Violet, Periwinkle, Mauve
forever spring 012
Forever Spring Series: 12 Tangerine & Magenta

This series is made of photos of fake flowers, often times at craft stores where they are bundled together for display. In the photographs they often appear real, but sometimes they push the boundaries of what’s found in nature, giving themselves away.

Does that make them less beautiful? More beautiful?
Marissa became absorbed with photography before the rise of the smartphone, carrying a point-and-shoot digital camera in her purse wherever she went. Being connected to a community of creatives gave her tons of fodder, snapping photos at parties, bars, music and art events. Inspired by Warhol, Marissa captured her friends doing what they do best, attempting to illustrate the sparks, personality, talent, and energy of those around her. Over time Marissa has expanded her practice to explore many types of photography, including self portraiture, street, and fashion, moving between intimate, frenetic, and nostalgic themes.



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