Nelson Alburquenque

The stories behind the art

“Urth Child” | Instagram Art Palette + Photoshop | 2019 – A young Urth sorcerer begins the journey of nourishing her powers. In whispering her ceremonial commitment of love and care to her chosen rock, she activates its sentience and creates an eternal bond of magic. 
“Yi-mitzimtzenyi” | Photoshop | 2019 – A sacred bird from the mythical story series Legends of the nyi. The nyi bird represents nature’s authority over the living. In its beak, the nyi bird holds the worm, a metaphor for life in all its forms. At any moment, the bird can either spare or eat the worm. There is no exit for the worm. It is forever in the clutch of Yi’mitzimtzenyi, just like the way life is forever in the clutch of the sacred elements here on Earth.
“Offering nyi” | Sketch + Photoshop | 2019 – In the mythic story series, Legends of the nyi, the nyi are the sacred caregiving spirits of the legendary World Tree. Here a nyi offers to the viewer a fallen branch, celebrating the life of all plants. 

Nelson Alburquenque is an instrumental songwriter and poet living in North Hollywood. After years of songwriting and poetry publications in Los Angeles, Alburquenque is currently working to complete stories for a new literary and multi-media illustrative series titled Legends of the nyi. The series follows a variety of young characters coming of age and joining forces in a magical world on the brink of losing control.

Instagram: nyinelson

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