Loss of Self.

Fear the loss of culture,

for it will leave you hollow

with no purpose, no difference,

your identity, this is how they raised

you, the way you understand the world,

it is you, the language between realities,

home to your essence and the outfit

you choose to show the world.


Don’t think you can get away, if you don’t

face it eventually IT will find you then fill

your lungs with despair, it’ll keep you beneath

water, anchored, waiting for you to drown.


But, like the current that pulls you into the ocean,

don’t panic, be patient with yourself, swim slowly,

cautiously towards the shore, there, you’ll center

yourself again, finding your balance with

confidence and courage, finding your inner peace

knowing you conquered

the fear.



The System I Live in.

Inspired by Sally Abbotts

“The Origins of God in the Blood of Lamb”

These societies are warlike,

where women

are subordinate to men

& they, in their minds,

see that our Earth

is an object

for exploitation

& domination.

Soy feminista.

Creo en los derechos

humanos de las mujeres,

para los rojos y morenos,

y los homosexuales
y transexuales,

los pobres y los sin hogar.

No hay limites en ser feminista,

es una manera de pensar ecológicamente,

criticamente, y racionalmente,

nuestra justicia es igual.


-Rebel Soul