Mauricio Moreno

Summer Love

Summer love
does not wait
for long-winded diatribes.
It does not fester
and spring upon the fool
who sits by the shore
and waits for the perfect wave.
It falls in love with the swimmer
who sees his possible fate
and continues
into the unknown.
Bliss bequeaths the abyss.
A shrouded mist.
It shifts your fits of certainties
and clouds your dull dichotomy.
But this sweet puff of precipitation
that wreaks of allure and anticipation,
it pulls you in,
and finds your deep temptations.
Do you check yourself
and list your fears
before you take the leap?
Or do you free your mind
of jeers from peers
and see what lies beneath?

The Path

Find your secret
dressed in Scarlet
naked to the call
of inner longings
ever sweet
guilty in the fall
If you seek freedom
be forewarned
The cost is never
Until you have it
you can not know
the source
of all you fear
Hold my hand
and trust your heart
The empty night is calling
Don’t waiver from
the path ahead
its amber bricks
The treasure that awaits you
is never what’s expected
no enemy will stop you
except your own reflection
Help will come along the way
as your shoulders turn to stone
friends will lighten
extra weight
so you know
you’re not alone
The wind will blow
flames will dance
the ice will freeze your
but should you stumble
and curse the ground,
just know that
I’ll be here

Mauricio Moreno is a 1st generation Colombian-American artist and writer, originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey. His work has been published in Conchas Y Cafe, a Los Angeles-based quarterly zine published by DSTL Arts. He moved to California to fulfill his life mission of being a writer and sharing the stories of others to bring readers closer together and heal the world. He is currently working on a novel and is also in the process of publishing his first collection of poetry.


Instagram: soul_onf_ire
Website: Soul On Fire
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