Marlené N. López


On your shoulders Susan. Acrylic. (2020)
On your shoulders Susan. Acrylic.
Susan B Anthony in Suffrage War Paint.



Stomach trauma. Mixed media. (2019)

I became an artist to escape helplessness and oppression. A survival tactic I stumbled across while growing up in MacArthur Park in the early 90’s. In my writing, drawing, and singing I felt in control. While my father delighted in my creations, my mother warned she hadn’t sacrificed everything only for me to become an artist, so I hadn’t planned on it.
Nonetheless, I continued to turn to art to escape abuse, loneliness and grief with little to no guidance. Like a creative underground railroad, art had freed my mind from victimhood and trauma. Now, I passionately teach art in communities in need, nothing seems more important.
Instagram: @artfullmarlene and @crewnative
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