Osiris 8 Booque


I don’t know if you remember
But when I was young,
I would sit in class looking out the window wishing the world would end.
On days when I forgot to finish homework I prayed fire alarms would ring and it would all disappear.
This idea interfered with my focus for years:
From middle school to high school and through university
I begged the gods for “dooms day”
And still
It never came.

I sat there…
Studying, learning, training, reading, learning more, studying more, & training, more, & more, & more,

Until early in the year 2020 international governments, over a series of 3 weeks, shut down our economic systems and for all intents and purposes placed the people of earth under global martial law.

As I watched unemployment applications triple in submission and establishments closed their doors for who knew how long, I asked myself if this was the moment I had prayed for so many years prior.

I can not tell you what will come of the people of earth b
Nor can not predict our future
But I can tell you without a doubt that March 2020 marks the beginning of a new world as we know it.
What part does my generation play in this new world order?


Osiris is a rapper, yoga teacher, intuitive reader & writer. The dominant amount of his written work centers around the self titled genre “post apocalyptic love”. He draws inspiration from greats like Rumi and new age classics like Akira & iRobot to fuel his fear of codependency. More than anything he believes in love.
YouTube: YouTube.com/OSIRIS88
Instagram: @osiris8_ooque
Twitter: @OSIRIS
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