Adrian Lacasse

 Action leads to fortune.

Sometimes we get paralyzed,

either through loss of motivation,

lack of self-belief,

or becoming overwhelmed.

Hesitation is always easy but rarely useful.

Doubt can creep in.

It’s best to move forward,

and just taking that first step can give you the momentum you need

to take the next.

You never know what you’ll accomplish

or where you’ll end up.

There’s a fire burning inside you,

keeping you alive,

keeping you awake.

These days, cold winds are blowing.


Machines are trying to steal your fire

and divert your heat towards their own ends.

Hold strong against them, friends.

Fuel your own life.

Don’t give up

your power inside.

It can be a lot sometimes.

The selling out, the drying out,

the burning out, the dying out.

We will fight the good fight,

but reality will inevitably square itself upon us:

We are all doomed to be spectators of the sixth mass extinction event in the 4-billion year history of life on this planet.

The scale is too big, the causes too complex to address effectively.

In times like these, gratitude is the best salve.

Yes there is rampant evil and destruction afoot,

but there is also good in the sheer feeling of this existence,

something beautiful in feeling even the pain,

and ice cream exists,

and you can buy it at the ice cream store,

and god dammit it feels good to eat ice cream sometimes,

and those dark chocolate cashew butter cups,

and no they’re not sustainable,

but that just means they won’t exist forever,

so if they exist in the same point of this universe as you,

it is your DUTY to enjoy them,

and to savor them,

in sweet sweet moderation.

Breaks aren’t being given out.

You need to take yours.

I'm a human finding/making some beautiful/peaceful niches in this ridiculous/insane world. Currently raising goats and gardens in the east woods of Texas.

Instagram: imahappydoodle
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