April 8 (Extended Deadline)

Extended the deadline for our new Spring Exhibitions, the new date is April 8 at midnight🌷🌙

We’ll be looking for any forms of creative writing and mixed media art 🎨 Digital art or AI, paintings, sketches, embroideries, photography, and even videos 📹 Poetry, spoken word, fiction/sci-fi, non-fiction, biographies/memoirs, essays, research, and even articles 📄 No specific theme either.

We’re pretty open to any kind of genre and style when it comes to literature and art, so please send your work to interculturalpress2017@gmail.com 💌
with a short bio, and any social, business, or portfolio links/websites you’d like us to share with the world in case your work gets published 🌎

And please tell a friend 🌸

– Intercultural Press 🧡


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