Alex Salazar

Before she fell in love

We saw her all the time

She was always available


Partying at some house

Till the neighbors called the cops

Talking on the phone

Till the battery died

Shopping at the mall

Till she dropped 

Time wasn’t hers 

Had no meaning 

Could go to waste

On anything

And anyone

Especially romantic partners

But that all changed

The day she said yes to love

Committed in a relationship with her dreams

Life had a purpose

We barely see her now

Unless her dreams can come too.

LA born queer poetess. Based in a small beach town in Brazil. My true home. I make the trek back to LA to visit family ever so often. The back and forth of living in two very different countries informs a lot of my writing. You will see a lot of carnaval, tropical fruit, and Portuguese, Spanish and English all mixed into a delicious feijoada named poetry. I am also passionate about lifting up femininity in a patriarchy, and advocating single relationship status as a choice and the end game not a consequence. Major themes in my poetry! I am currently working on a collection of poems and I am looking to publish a children’s book I illustrated and wrote about sereias aka sirens. 

Instagram: asereia1

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