Jessica Callender

The Irony of Christmas 

A chilling sense of suspense grips the air 

Ice from the sky has frozen time in its sphere 

The vengeful cold shatters the former warmth 

No sun to save your skies,

Winter apprehensive like a bold font

Yet this season marks the time of joy 

Cheerful lights blaze the slick city streets 

The weather deceptive like the horse of Troy

All the while smiles on every shivering face you meet 

Snow like a soft blanket across the land 

But still icicles look like fangs

Isn’t it ironic? 

We have every reason to be sad 

But all season long, we’re filled with songs and laughs 

The year coming to an end 

And we don’t know what awaits us 

New horizons fast approaching with no hiatus 

But we bundle up and light our fires 

With warm drinks and loving family to ply us

The irony of the worst weather accompanying the time of year many of us most desire

J. Nathalia Callender is poet/writer who specializes in free verse poetry on introspective and social justice topics, though she often experiments with other themes and formats. She is 18 years old, mixed race and is based in her home country; Guyana. Nathalia has aspirations to publish her own book. Follow her on Instagram @nathalia_thepoet.

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