3 days ’til the deadline

3 more days left to submit your creative work for our new Spring online Galleries! 🌷We’ll be looking for arts & crafts, photography, paintings, sketches, drawings, videos, collages & more for our art column 🎨

For our literature column, we’ll be reviewing anything that’s poetry, fiction, biographies/memoirs, history, articles, interviews, spoken word, non-fiction, and more as well 📚

NO PARTICULAR THEME IS NECESSARY, but please send us a short bio, portfolio, business, and/or social media link information attached with your work by this Saturday, March 25 midnight 🌒 Email us @ interculturalpress2017@gmail.com 💌

We look forward to seeing what everyone submits this new year and season 🙌🏽 Can’t wait! 💕


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